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My Story & Production

For almost 30 years now, I have been creating enamelled red clay pieces dedicated to tableware. I work in a limited production run in my workshop in Prades, near Perpignan and at the foot of the Canigou mountain! 

My story is above all one of passion and vocation. Fascinated by pottery, at the age of 15 I did an internship with a Master Potter in Lagrasse, near the village where I grew up in the South. My time with this potter, Mr Boutinon, was decisive for me: one day I want to make it my profession. 

I never stopped making pottery after that. Until one day, in 1993, I decided to become a professional ceramist teacher in schools. 

I want my pottery to be both functional and original, designed to be used on a daily basis and to bring joy into the lives of those who use it, from breakfast to evening snacks.

Tableware designed for everyday use

🌱 The enamels used are lead-free and food certified

👐🏼 All products are 100% handmade using traditional processes

🧽 Ceramic is dishwasher safe. Avoid shocks

Quality manufacturing

All my creations are made by myself in my workshop in Prades, in the South of France, and are signed by hand. First, each object is made on the potter's wheel.

Before drying completely, some are glazed in a white slip (a liquid mixture of white clay and water): the decorations are then engraved on the surface, bringing out the color of the red clay under the white layer. Others are decorated directly with a brush.

After a first firing at 980°C, the ceramic is bathed in a translucent colored glaze or a colorless glaze, depending on the desired effect, and then fired a second time at 1020°C.